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My name is Melissa, and I am a 21 yr old aspiring nutritionist. Food is my undying passion, and I have made it my mission to discover all of the tastes that the world has to offer. Here is where you will find food I have eaten, food I want to eat, and food I will possibly never go near. Also found on this journal are recipes, health tips, and other (not so food related) rants to better your body and satisfy your taste buds!
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15 steady lbs,

and I’m getting a belly button ring.

"the ups and downs of a fitblr” - This is amazing.



an off day

when getting back on track

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A question for all of you…

If my diet were to consist of 90% negative calorie foods, would it technically be as if I ate next to nothing all day?

Yes NEGATIVE means to have less than x of something, however does it really work for your body to subtract calories from that 10% of eating anything I want?\

**YES, I know this wouldn’t be healthy in the long run**

Waking Wednesday!

For the first time in a long time, I have pre-calculated my calorie intake for tomorrow…

For a week, I will pre-plan my calories for each day and hopefully by the time the week is up, I’ll still want to continue.

Im excited because it begins with a big breakfast of:

-2 eggs once over easy

-1 slice of white toast (my parents refuse wholegrain)

-1 cup Wake-up Smoothie of Awesomeness

-1  8oz coffee

-1  8oz glass of water

I think the only reason I’m posting this is because I’m just excited to begin this challenge of keeping within my recommended calorie intake of 1200. I’m still 308 behind…